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Monday Pānui 11 December 2023

Tēnā koutou

In today’s Pānui:

  1. COVID-19 product name not displaying – clinical advice

  2. Summer Planning

  3. Auckland PHO Annual Report

  4. Auckland PHO Annual Awards

  5. 2024 New Auckland PHO Directors

COVID-19 product name not displaying – clinical advice

Please note the following update regarding the display of COVID-19 vaccine history information in the Aotearoa Immunisation Register (AIR). COVID-19 vaccination history from the AIR shows the date administered, antigen and dose number but is currently not displaying the vaccine product used during the event, for example Cominarty mRNA-CV bivalent (15mcg/15mcg).   Please be assured that this information is held within the AIR but is currently not being displayed as expected. The AIR programme is prioritising enabling this.


To support vaccinators to continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines, the below clinical advice is provided:

  • Continue as normal using the age appropriate COVID-19 vaccine and current schedule guidance for adults and children

  • Complete the primary course with the same vaccine brand

  • If vaccinators are unable to establish with confidence the most recent vaccine product, they should call IMAC for guidance on 0800IMMUNE (0800 466 863), 8.30am to 5.00pm weekdays

  • Nuvaxovid rCV: It is likely a consumer will remember having specifically asked for this vaccine, especially as there is only eight weeks between primary doses

  • Ask the consumer:  if they had Nuvaxovid at their last vaccination when administering the second primary dose - AND

  • did they specifically request Nuvaxovid?


There is no requirement to use the same brand for booster doses.


  • If vaccines are given following current schedule guidance not knowing for certain the previous brand of vaccine does not pose a risk

  • Nuvaxovid reminder: the data sheet does not allow spacing of less than six months between doses for boosters

  • It is crucial that vaccinators utilise the clinical support offered by IMAC to ensure consumers continue to receive vaccinations particularly with the increase of COVID-19 infections in the community. Call IMAC for guidance on 0800IMUNE (0800466 863) 8.30am – 5.00pm weekdays.

Summer Planning

Information for Patients – for Practice Websites or Information email


Summer key messaging for the 2023/24 holiday season is a Te Whatu Ora initiative covering wide ranging topics, including:

  • Go Well and enjoy summer this year by being prepared and knowing how to stay healthy and safe. Key messages and social tiles attached- please share.

  • Keep up to date with all medications, immunisations and necessary health appointments, (e.g., screenings, diabetes checks) over the holidays.

  • Most people who get sick will have minor symptoms and will be able to recover at home, or where they are staying.

  • Some important websites and phone numbers to keep handy:

    • Find the right healthcare for you and your family/whanau see here

    • For accessible online health information and self-help resources, see here 

    • If needed, ask for advice by contacting a doctor, healthcare provider or pharmacist, or for free medical advice 24/7, 365 days a year call Healthline on 0800 611 116. Interpreter support is available. Save this number on your phone.

  • For more information on ‘Go well’ campaign please see here and for resources/collaterals to share here


COVID-19 is still a risk this summer

  • Protect yourself and others by keeping up healthy habits 

  • For more information on COVID-19 please see here


Free RAT home testing kits 

  • RATs will remain free until 29 February 2024.

  • You can continue to pick up free RATs for yourself and household members from participating pharmacies and RAT collection centres.

  • Find a collection centre near you here

Need help to get RATs 

  • If you live rurally, have a disability, are immunocompromised or experience some other difficulty getting RATs, you may be eligible for additional help, including delivery if necessary.

  • To find out if you are eligible, call 0800 222 478.


Public health advice on chickenpox

  • People with chickenpox are reminded to stay at home

  • The National Public Health Service in Tāmaki Makaurau is aware of chickenpox cases in the Auckland region.

  • Unimmunised children as well as adults who have not had chickenpox are most at risk of this infection.

  • It is important that anyone with chickenpox symptoms – small, itchy blisters like a rash on the skin, often with tiredness, fever and aches – should see a doctor for confirmation but call ahead first. They should stay home until all blisters have dried, including staying away from work, school and early learning services.

  • Chickenpox spreads through the air when infected people sneeze or cough or via direct contact through touching the blisters and then touching objects or other people.

  • It can be serious during pregnancy and for those with kidney or liver problems or weakened immune systems.

  • Vaccination is free for children at 15 months, or up to the age of 12 years if they have missed their chickenpox vaccination.

  • More information on chickenpox, including self-care and vaccination, is on the new health information website


New rural after-hours telehealth service available across the motu

  • A new rural after-hours telehealth service is now available, improving access to primary health care for rural communities.

  • Rural communities can access the service in two ways, by calling 0800 2 KA ORA (0800 252 672) directly or via referral from their rural healthcare provider.

  • The 0800 service will provide after-hours clinical telehealth care (5.00pm – 8.00am) on weekdays, and 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays.

  • While the service is subsidised, a patient co-payment will be charged for consultations with a doctor. Under 14s will remain free, and those on Community Services Card or who are 65 years and over will pay $19.50.

  • For more information on this service see here


Be SunSmart; Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap.

  • Protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

  • Check the sun protection alert time where you are each day, here 


Swim safe

  • Be water safe. When you’re heading for a swim at your favourite lake, river or beach this summer, don’t forget to look out for water quality information signs or visit ‘Can I Swim Here?’ section of the Land Water Aotearoa (LAWA) website to view the latest information.

Auckland PHO Annual Report

The Auckland PHO’s 2022/2023 Annual Report is available on our website.

Auckland PHO Awards Evening

The team at Auckland PHO are looking forward to hosting the 2023 Awards at Sorrento In The Park this Thursday evening from 6pm for an evening of celebration and Whakawhanaugatanga (building connections)  Will your practice get a prize this year?

Please update if there are any additions or cancellations by Wednesday close of business.

2024 New Auckland PHO Directors

At the 2023 Auckland PHO Annual General Meeting, two new Directors were voted onto the Board unopposed. The Board would like to congratulate and welcome Dr Vikas Sethi – GP Owner, Prana Family Health, and Jayme Kitiona - Nurse Practitioner/Director Waiheke Medical Centre and Piritahi Hau Ora.  Two Directors retired this year – Dr Lisa Eskildsen, Avondale Health Centre and Judy Davis, CEO of Piritahi Hau Ora.

Barbara Stevens |Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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