Youth Health (General Practice for Young People GP4YP) 

Free Assessment Consultation for 16 year olds Transitioning from Childhood to Adolescence

1.      Aim

To provide effective health care to adolescents and young people in general practice


2.      Introduction

Youth have their own specific health needs as they transition from childhood to adulthood.  Young people, particulary those aged 12 – 24 years, like their health needs, are diverse and their experience and interaction with health care services can affect their ongoing engagement and relationship with their general practice team and their health outcomes.

Research shows that youth whose healthcare needs are unmet can lead to poor health outcomes as adults through disengagment and isloation from society leading to riskier behaviours in terms of drug and alcohol abuse.

A number of factors can impact on a young person’s engagement with health services. One fifth of adolescents, particulalry those living in poverty and/or living rurally report difficulties in accessing primary care services.

Youth Health is one of the seven Service Level Measures (SLMs) with the following five domains:

  1. Youth Experience of the Health System
  2. Chlamydia Testing Coverage for pregnant women under 25 years
  3. Intentional Self Harm
  4. Alcohol-Related ED Presentations
  5. Utilisation of DHB funded dental services by adolescents


We recognise that primary care services have a responsibility to develop youth friendly health care and therefore Auckland PHO has created resources that enable young people to easily access health services and provide the tools for general practice teams to support young people as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

One way that general practice can support an easy transition from childhood to adolescence is to provide a free transition/assessment consultation that allows the young person to develop a trusting relationship with their medical home and the staff that work there to support the young person’s increasing independence with health care and literacy.


3.         Identification and Invitation

The Practice Mōhio report displays a list of young people turning 16 years in the Quarter.

SMS is the language of young people and it is recommended that you send a message inviting the young person for a free health check.  Alternatively, an appointment can be arranged when the young person is attending the practice for other reasons.


4.       Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrolled at the practice
  • 15 years and 9 months/16 years and 364 days
  • All ethnicities


5.         The GP4YP Consultation

The Mōhio GP4YP form is designed to guide GPs and Practice Nurses through the consultation.  A HEADSS Assessment is included in the Form.

The Form is designed to be used for all youth health consults (12 – 25 years).  Auckland PHO funds the first GP4YP consult.

There are links to the Auckland PHO sexual health and M2M Mōhio forms on the GP4YP form if these services are required as a result of the GP4YP.  A separate claim can be made.


6.         GP4YP Payment

  • $60 for 30 minute consult
  • $40 for follow up consult if required
  • The Mōhio GP4YP Form creates a claim when the form has been completed
  • It is expected that there should be no co-payment for patients who fit the eligibility criteria


7.       Practice Requirements

 It is expected that:

  • There is one GP or Practice Nurse in the practice who has completed the on-line Goodfellow Unit – Introduction to HEADSS Assessment and is the Practice Youth Champion
  • The practice has a policy on Transitioning from Child to Adolescent patient in Primary Care
  • The practice is working towards completing audits for developmental appropriate health care for young people and inclusive primary health care for gender diverse clients


Reference Document: Youth Health – GP4YP (General Practice for Young People) – Resources and Information for Young People, March 2018



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