Sexual and Reproductive Health

Free sexual health consultations with Chlamydia screen and treatment package for young people under 25 years.

NZ has high rates of STIs and these are increasing. Annual reports show that the highest rates of STI are in those 25 years and less and Chlamydia is the most common infection.

Background and Introduction

Chlamydia infection lends itself to simple and acceptable screening tests and easily delivered single dose antibiotic therapy. Currently, most opportunistic screening for Chlamydia is done in Primary Care.

Co-ordinated Chlamydia screening delivered to the appropriate age group has been shown to reduce complications related to this infection and increase awareness of Sexual Health issues. Local and international evidence supports increasing the availability of Sexual Health screening and treatment visits to Primary Care and in essence good Sexual Health services configured around patient need and patient outcomes.

Auckland PHO has been running a Sexual Health - Chlamydia Screen and Treatment programme since 2006. The programme has been modified to include the latest Chlamydia testing guidelines.

Objectives of Programme

  • Reduce sexually transmitted infection, especially Chlamydia rates through routine screening and medication compliance.
  • Provide early diagnosis and effective stat treatment of Chlamydia in Primary Care.
Our vision is to provide
Quality and Innovation in Primary Health Care

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