Infectious Diseases/Public HealthNotification

Under the Health Act 1956 certain  infectious diseases are required to be notified by
general practitioners to Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

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Auckland PHO’s role in infectious disease and public health issues involves supporting Auckland Regional Public Health Service through the dissemination of information, and practices to carry out public health initiatives.

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Following further research regarding the impact of Zika virus infection during pregnancy, the Ministry of Health has updated its advice for women who are pregnant or who plan to become pregnant in the near term and are considering travel to Zika-affected areas. This advice is in accord with that of the World Health Organisation.

The updated advice is as follows:

The Ministry of Health recommends that women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near term should defer travel to areas with Zika virus present. If travel is essential, if possible delay pregnancy if travelling to these areas.

This advice will be present on all Ministry websites and has been added to the Interim Guidance for Health Professionals document available here:

The Ministry of Health will continue to review New Zealand guidance as further information becomes available.


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