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Tuesday Pānui 5 March 2024

In today’s Pānui

  • Influenza Vaccinations 2024

  • Inbox Notifications

  • Update on Changes to Recommended COVID-19 Testing advice – from 4 March


Influenza Vaccinations 2024

As of today, datasheets for four of the five 2024 influenza vaccines are available on Medsafe. The 2024 FluQuadri datasheet is not yet published -please note the 2023 vaccine strains remain on the Medsafe site.


Please check the summary of vaccines  and eligibility criteria from the 2024 Flu Kit.

Please ensure that the practice is ordering the correct vaccines (funded versus unfunded).  If unsure, contact Shanaz Khan, Auckland PHO Immunisation Coordinator or call 0212466510.


Please note that a copy of the summary of vaccines has been printed and laminated for practices and will be delivered/posted this week for easy reference.


To view or download the 2024 Flu kit, please click here.


For the 2024 Influenza plan, please click here.


There are also some changes occurring this week.

  1. is being incorporated into, and people will then be redirected to the new Influenza Programme page with 2024 programme info (at present it redirects to

  2. This page will be updated with 2024 vaccine information.

  3. Some of the more detailed info has been reviewed and put into individual factsheets – influenza disease, older people, pregnant people and children.

  4. The Adjuvanted influenza vaccines factsheet has also been reviewed and there will be a brand new Cell-based influenza vaccines fact sheet.

Inbox Notifications

It has come to our attention that several practices that have spare or inboxes that are not being actively monitored have AIR notifications randomly directed to these inboxes instead of the default inbox destination, therefore

Please check all inboxes in the event a newborn nomination cannot be located.

This issue is being worked on by the AIR team. 

Changes to Recommended COVID-19 Testing Advice

Published in the Medinz published today


Effective 4 March COVID-19 testing with RATs has changed for the general population.


  • For the general population, asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended

  • Asymptomatic Household Contacts can continue usual activities BUT are encouraged to wear a mask during the first five days of the patient’s illness when outside the home, visiting vulnerable people, using public transport or in a crowded indoor space

  • A household contact of a positive COVID-19 case develops one or more COVID-19 symptoms are asked to stay at home and test for COVID-19 using a RAT

  • Note  that guidance for return to work for healthcare workers differs to guidance for the general population, recommending asymptomatic testing in some circumstances. 

For further information; see Auckland Region Health Pathways > COVID-19 Testing Attachments:

FINAL Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora - Summary of recommended COVID-19 testing advice from 4 March 2024.pdf 

FINAL Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora - Summary of COVID-19 Testing Plan and Guidance changes from 4 March 2024.pdf 

Barbara Stevens |Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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