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Tuesday Pānui 31 January 2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Tēnā koutou

The recent flooding and with the potential for more tonight, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and have a dry place to stay if affected. The Auckland PHO team have been checking in with practice teams to make sure all is well and functioning. At the time of writing all Auckland PHO practices are seeing patients with limited flood or water damage. Please get in touch with the office 379 4022 if your situation changes.

There are two main messages today in this Panui - the Primary Care Resilience Tool and scroll down for information regarding the Rescheduled Webinar: Comirnaty (3mcg) 6 months to 4 years

Primary Care Resilience Tool

Now is a good time to register your practice for the Resilience tool. See Medinz message 24 January 2023 for further information.

The Tool allows Te Whatu Ora and PHOs the ability to gather data and information that fully represents the pressures and issues general practice/Primary Care are currently facing. We advise you to provide feedback and concerns in the available section which is reviewed closely by funders (and yes, they do read and act where they can).

Getting started will take less than 5 minutes and as we consider it important and to compensate for your time, we will pay each general practice $100 for registering when notification has been received that the registration has been completed. Thank you to those Practices who have completed registration – The report is simple and easy to register and can be completed by an administrator.

Updating the Resilience Tool – it is recommended that this is completed at least weekly and if there are no changes at the practice, press the no change button.

You were sent an email on 24/01/23 to a nominated practice email address with the Resilience Tool link with an instruction to set or re-set the password. Here is the screen shot for setting your practice password. Don’t know the email or didn’t receive it? Contact

Everything you need to know about Comirnaty for high risk 6 month - 4-year olds

IMAC have rescheduled their webinar so save the date! There is no specific course for Comirnaty (3mcg) 6 months - 4 years but IMAC are providing a webinar that will be recorded so you can watch it if you are unable to attend. Everything you need to know about Comirnaty for high risk 6 month - 4-year olds When: Thursday 2 February 5.30-6.30pm. Key topics we'll cover: • Safety and effectiveness • Eligibility • Vaccinator requirements • Vaccine, storage, preparation and administration • Reducing risk of errors • Co-administration with other vaccines • Questions Speakers for this webinar:

Dr Emma Best and Sally Schnauer

You must register to attend - click here to register.

Go well and be safe

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