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Monday Pānui 6 May 2024

In today’s Pānui

  • Message from Dr Bryan Betty, Chair GPNZ

  • Patient Experience Survey (PES) Survey Sample Weeks

  • Webinar Reminder: Simplifying HIV Prevention

  • Situation Vacant: Waiheke Medical Centre

  • Erin is Back!


Message from Dr Bryan Betty, Chair GPNZ


Kia ora koutou,

As May begins attention has naturally turned to the coalition government's first budget which will be delivered on 30 May. We note the Minister has been keen to manage expectations about significant spending this year, so while there’s not a great deal of optimism this certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t pushing hard for investment sooner, as well as urgency around changes to capitation. While there have been strong indications of more substantial investment in 2025, we are all too aware many practices are simply not in a financial position to wait another 14 months. Following the Sapere report on practice funding a couple of years ago, phase two is now finally underway. Data is being gathered from PHOs and from individual practices and a technical advisory group has been established to oversee the work that will re-weight capitation. GPNZ continues to support both through engagement with Te Whatu Ora and Sapere.   You may be aware that PSAAP – which is our main negotiating forum for the PHO Services Agreement and the back-to-back agreements PHOs hold with their providers – has recently reconvened after a hiatus of nearly two years. An initial meeting was held in March to confirm changes to the group protocol, including that ‘contracted providers’ (i.e. general practices) can appoint their own representatives to PSAAP.

 The role of PHOs in PSAAP hasn’t changed and we continue to produce evidence to support increased investment in general practice – for example GPNZ presented papers to PSAAP that highlight the shortfall in funding for VLCA practices and the disparities in distribution of equity adjuster funding. These are issues we want to see addressed in funding changes from 1 July.   In addition, the GPNZ research commissioned from Otago University on Unmet Need is nearly complete, with the first draft making for some very sobering reading. We look forward to publishing this in May and contributing further evidence to funding conversations with ministers, politicians and Te Whatu Ora.  Political advocacy remains key, and we have an ongoing programme of engagement with health spokespeople for all major parties – coalition partners and opposition parties.  We have continued to host Dame Karen Poutasi and other Te Whatu Ora senior leaders at PHOs and practices. I know these visits made a strong impression on the Board in promoting the value of primary care, and we hope to sustain this visibility with the new Board Chair once appointed.   GPNZ continues to liaise with the leadership teams at Te Whatu Ora, Manatū Hauora and other agencies on a daily basis, with the aim of supporting the general practice and primary care does on behalf of your patients and communities.

Patient Experience Survey (PES) Survey Sample Weeks


The next Patient Experience Survey (for Q4) will be launched on Wednesday 22nd May.


The survey sample weeks start today and runs until 19 May 2024. Patients who visit your practice in this time frame may be selected to take part in the survey.


Therefore, it is important to communicate this possibility to your patients.


Below are several resources to help with this communication:

This is also a good time for reception staff to double check contact details for patients and update where necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Komal – 


Webinar Reminder: Simplifying HIV Prevention


A reminder you can register for this webinar being held Tuesday May 14 2024 from 7.00pm to 8.00pm here Webinar Registration - Zoom

Situation Vacant: GP or NP at Waiheke Medical Centre


Tākuta / General Practitioner or Mātanga Tapuhi / Nurse Practitioner


Waiheke Medical Centre are seeking a General Practitioner or Nurse Practitioner who has a passion for and experience in rural primary healthcare.


They are a highly motivated and supportive team delivering primary health care. Waiheke Medical Centre works alongside their second site, Piritahi Hau Ora which is a Kaupapa Māori primary health and social service provider.



  • 6 to 8 sessions per week

  • Urgent Care and General Medical Care Clinics

  • Competitive pay rates

  • Monthly Fullers Ferry Travel Pass if wanting to commute from Auckland


For more information, please contact Practice Manager - Jon O’Shea –


Erin is Back!


We are pleased to say that Erin is back at work following some time away supporting a family member while in hospital. For assistance with PMS, Mōhio and other Practice Management issues and questions, you can email her at 

Barbara Stevens |Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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