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Monday Pānui 29 April 2024

In today’s Pānui

  1. Access to Diagnostics Budget Increase

  2. Vaccinator Update Course

  3. Don’t miss that ARF Diagnosis

  4. Situation Vacant

Access to Diagnostics Budget Increase

Te Whatu Ora have agreed to increase funding for ultrasounds via the ProExtra Access to Diagnostics (ATD) programme that will both enable the higher costs of ultrasounds and the maintenance of the current rate of utilisation of radiology under the programme through until 30 June 2024, when the new financial year starts.


The additional funding will mean that your practice will be able to maintain current utilisation rate.


From 1 May 2024, the cost of ultrasounds increases by $35, and practice budgets by an amount to cover this increased cost, meaning you can still order the same number and mix of procedures as before.


Please note, this is an interim fix as there is national work underway on a permanent solution to support ATD for general practice. We will keep you updated on progress as and when we have any further information from Te Whatu Ora. If you have any questions, please contact Rhomma Jazel Asuncion, 021 222 1406.


Vaccinator Update Course (whole of life)

This course is an approved online course for health professionals to deliver all-of-life vaccines wishing to renew their vaccinator status and/or update their immunisation knowledge.  This is the course for those needing to renew their vaccination status.


The good news is that it is currently free (instead of $110).  If interested, click on the link below.


Vaccinator update (whole-of-life) - Immunisation Advisory Centre (

Don’t Miss that ARF Diagnosis

If you missed the Goodfellow Presentation last week by Dr Barnett Bond, check it out here:

Don't miss that ARF diagnosis


A reminder that Auckland PHO has a funded Sore Throat Management Funding stream to deliver a nurse led free to the patient throat swab/see and treat to the high-risk population who present with or have undeclared pharyngitis.



Situation Vacant



Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital is looking to engage a committed and innovative Geriatrician / General Practitioner with an interest in the elderly and younger residents with disabilities.


Knox is a vibrant Eden Alternative Registered home transferring care to elders and younger residents. They see every day as an opportunity for the continued growth and wellbeing of residents, not a period of decline.


The role is 1 -2 sessions per week, a weekend 1:7 on-call roster is also in place.

Knox offers competitive remuneration.


$220 + GST per hour for each session (3 hours), on-call roster – for Weekends,  allowance of $250 + GST for each day, for weeknights $100 + GST per night.


If you are interested and would like to find out more visit their website:

For more information and to apply, please contact Joynita ( or phone 027 287 8767


Barbara Stevens |Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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