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Monday Pānui 24 April 2023

Kia ora Practice Teams

Please note three topics in this week’s Monday Pānui.

Nurses and Kaiāwhina working in General Practice – Pay Disparity

General Practices have been sent a workforce data collections survey seeking information on how many nurses and kaiāwhina there are, where they are, and what they are currently being paid. It is also seeking information about vacancies against budgeted full-time equivalent (FTE) positions that are in the process of being filled and are expected to be filled before 1 July 2023. Thank you to those practices who have completed the survey.

One of the complexities of our health system is that some sectors receive Government funding and employ health workers, while other health workers are employed directly by the Government. As the employer, Te Whatu Ora knows the pay rates of nurses and kaiāwhina working in its hospitals, but there is no information on pay rates for those working in the community, how many workers there are or where they are.

This information is needed to calculate the pay gap, and to calculate the amount of pay disparity funding to allocate to each employer. It will also be used to provide advice to Ministers and to implement any decisions on the allocation of the pay disparity funding.

We recommend that you complete the survey, even if nurses and kaiāwhina are being paid above the MECA rate as this will demonstrate to Te Whatu Ora that general practices are passing capitation funding to support nurses’ pay and this will help inform the level of funding increase needed for sustainable general practice.

Contact Barbara if you would like to discuss further – 021 669 533.

Mōhio Post Natal Screening Form Correction

The Monday Pānui sent 3 April 2023 contained incorrect Mōhio Post Natal Screen shots. These have been updated and included in the attachment with this email.

Following a review of the Mōhio Healthy Mum Healthy Baby form there are two changes to improve user experience. The changes are:

1. The form has been renamed POST NATAL SCREENING – it replaces the form previously named Healthy Mum Healthy Baby

2. The form now includes the option to record Gestational Diabetes. There is the option in the drop down to click “yes”. This triggers an alert indicating that the Mōhio form will automatically generate either the Read Code L1808.11 (MedTech 32 and MedTech Evolution), Read Code L1808 (MyPractice), or Snomed CT Code 11687002 (Indici) entry for Gestational Diabetes once the form has been submitted.

Post Natal Screening - Accompanying Gestational Diabetes Patient List

An accompanying Gestational Diabetes Patient List will be available in Mōhio reports from 1st May 2023. This list provides clinicians with a starting point for blood test recalls for these patients.

This list is an inclusion list and will show all patients who have been classified in the PMS as having Gestational Diabetes with either the Read Code L1808.11 (MedTech 32 and MedTech Evolution), Read Code L1808 (MyPractice) or Snomed CT Code 11687002 (Indici).

The Gestational Diabetes Patient list is a supplementary document and does not replace clinical judgement. Clinician’s discretion is advised.

For more information on Post-Natal Screening please click here to redirect you to the Auckland PHO Resource Library – password: aucklandpho

Please refer to the attached document for further information, or contact

No Flu for the Crew

Is a fun way to promote flu vaccinations, and protect your patients, by celebrating that all the practice team have had their flu vaccination.

When everyone has had theirs, send a confirmation email to and your practice will receive:

  • A koha to buy morning tea for the crew

  • A certificate to display in the waiting room/front desk area to show you are good role models

  • You may also consider taking a photo of a GP and/or practice nurse being vaccinated – send to for printing and laminating

Note, we understand that there may be a staff member who is exempt from having a flu vaccination – that’s ok!

Enjoy the short week.

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