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Monday Pānui 17 June 2024

In today’s Pānui

  • Updated: Auckland PHO Programme information – CVD Risk Assessment/Management and Diabetes Year of Care/Annual Review

  • Phishing Scams

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Contracts

  • CALD – Cultural Competency Courses and Programmes 

Updated: Auckland PHO Programme information – CVD Management and Diabetes Annual Review


We have updated the Auckland PHO Library Documents for CVD Risk Assessment/Management and Diabetes Year of Care/Annual Review in line with the updated Mōhio forms.


The business rules remain the same, except patients with a Community Services Card have been added to funding eligibility for a second annual CVD management at the higher rate of $30 subsidy.


The library documents can be found here:




The Auckland PHO website resource library password is: aucklandpho


Contact for questions or comments.


Phishing Scams


There have been a number of phishing emails circulating across organisations which are being sent by legitimate emails addresses that have been compromised.


The scam emails look like common Microsoft OneDrive content sharing/collaboration notices, or PDFs.


The National Cyber Security Centre has published an advisory on their website, which includes a link to technical information your IT team or supplier can use to help detect and mitigate this type of activity.


If your practice has seen or does see evidence of compromise related to this activity, please contact and 


The Strengthen Your Digital Defence Booklet - which can be found on the Auckland PHO website.


COVID-19 Vaccination Contracts


COVID-19 vaccinations remain free and available for people aged 6 months and over and there are no changes planned for 1 July 2024.


Practices who have a contract to provide COVID-19 vaccinations can expect a letter from Te Whatu Ora outlining the intent to extend COVID-19 vaccination contracts for 12 months this week.


Please note if you once had a contract, but no longer provide COVID-19 vaccinations, please contact in order for your practice name to be removed from the Te Whatu Ora register of providers.


CALD – Cultural Competency Courses and Programmes

CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) services have developed courses available in an online, remote, and face-to-face format which are offered free to the New Zealand healthcare workforce.


Check out further information here.


Have a great week!


Barbara Stevens | Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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