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Monday Pānui 13 May 2024

In today’s Pānui

  • Auckland PHO Network Meeting

  • Precall and Recall Immunisation Funding

  • International Nurses Day

  • Cyber Security

Auckland PHO Network Meeting


We are planning a network meeting for Practice Principals and Practice Managers at the end of May or early June when we have received certainty re the percentage of funding increase to capitation along with other information regarding changes to funding.  Additionally, there will be other discussion topics and we welcome questions either before or during the Zoom meeting. 


Precall and Recall Immunisation Funding


The logistics and details of the new precall and recall immunisation funding are being worked through with representatives from PHOs, Contracted Providers and Te Whatu Ora with the expectation the final agreement should be determined this week. 

Further information to be supplied to practices when agreement has been reached.


International Nurses Day



It was International Nurses Day yesterday (12th May) with the theme Our Nurses. Our Future. The Economic Power of Care.  It is a reminder of the crucial role that nurses have in the healthcare system with many of the Auckland PHO practices struggling to recruit nurses. 

Please contact if you would like assistance with recruiting, immunisation and cervical screening support.


The next Rōpu Nēhi topic is Nurse Welfare on Thursday 23 May from 6pm.  If you haven’t received an invite, please contact

Cyber Security

The Strengthening Digital Defences guide was co-designed last year by Primary Care and Te Whatu Ora and provides guidance for general practices on how to prepare and respond to a Cyber Security Incident.


We recommend that a copy of the Incident Response Flowchart is saved in your system for (we hope never) in the event your practice experiences a cyber security incident. Along with being prepared, if an incident occurs, please notify as soon as possible.   


A copy of the Digital Defense Booklet is also located in Te Whatu Ora's Cyber Hub, and in the Auckland PHO library website.


Barbara Stevens |Tumu Whakarae/CEO

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