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Monday Pānui 12 December 2022

2022 Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Auckland PHO Awards on Friday night and thank you all for enthusiastically and joyfully participating in the quizzes and the celebrations. A full list of the winners will be available on the Auckland PHO website.

The recipients of the award for the Auckland PHO Excellence in Quality Performance went to:-

First Place – Aotea Health, Great Barrier Island and Runner Up is Glenavon Doctors Surgery. Special congratulations to both teams for a job well done throughout the year.

Photos from the evening can be found here

Password pho22

These will also be downloaded onto the Auckland PHO website this week.

Thanks also for donating to Youthline. 😊

Summer Holiday Planning

Last Tuesday, practices were emailed a summer holiday planning check list with a request to complete sections one and two and send to by 20 December 2022.

If you need further clarification, please contact Ashley.

Practice Plus Information Zoom

The second zoom is 6pm this evening – please join to hear how the service can assist you and manage your patients during the holidays. It’s important that at least one person per practice join a Practice Plus zoom.

Register in advance for this meeting:

Evusheld Resource

Specialist services will identify and contact those patients who meet criteria for Evusheld. Most will then arrange to administer Evusheld in the hospital setting. To ensure equity and accessibility, especially for people in rural or remote areas, specialist services may contact Primary Care providers to ask if they can facilitate easy access to Evusheld. A Medinz was also published a notice on 18 November 2022 to inform Primary Care, that due to limited secondary care capacity, some patients may be asked by their specialists to contact their enrolled GP for a consultation and administration of Evusheld.

If a patient makes their own contact seeking Evusheld, you may also choose to prescribe and administer Evusheld if clinically appropriate or refer them to their specialist via usual referral channels.

For practices who can’t administer Evusheld, there is a new Evusheld e-referral to Community Outreach Team. This was outlined in a Medinz 6th December 2022 and included in the Friday Facts on 9 December.

The process for primary care to support administration of Evusheld (including PHARMAC access criteria, dosing, prescribing, pharmacy processes, funding/claiming and the community outreach e-referral process) can be found on HealthPathways: COVID-19 Therapeutics > Evusheld and here is the link for the administration process

Auckland PHO have been sent an Evusheld Health Care Professional Information Guide and Patient Information Booklets , which will be provided to each GP by an Auckland PHO team member.

Air Filtration Units

Te Whatu Ora and the COVID Health Supply Chain/Ministry of Health are offering to donate Air Filtration Units (AFUs) to provide air management support in line with WHO Guidelines for Ventilation for COVID-19. These units were used to support New Zealand’s Managed isolation and Quarantine response which have now been closed. Since these AFU’s are being treated as a donation, there are no associated capital costs or charges. There will however be an ongoing cost of ownership, including insurance and future maintenance.

Te Whatu Ora have negotiated an annual maintenance arrangement for $650 per unit (or a discounted monthly fee of $45 per unit per month per annum). This fee covers replacement of all Original Equipment Manufacturer consumables annually to ensure the 5-year warranty. It will be the responsibility of the practice to coordinate with the supplier (Big Blue) for provision of maintenance and payment of associated costs

If you would like to order AFUs, please review at the attached letter, sign, fill out the highlighted portions and send it to Aaron Piano at and he will see the process through.

Have a great week,

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